Here at The Binary Box we care completely about the environment we work in, what surrounds us and the things that make us happy. This reflects in our ethic towards our work and our approach to quality design. We’ve helped transform all manner of spaces into visually exciting, engaging areas for people to effectively use and interact with.



Working to improve your interior branding can make a huge difference in transforming your working environment and the team here at The Binary Box are on hand to help. We constantly strive to deliver the most unique solutions to bring your office to life by combining the latest technology with forward thinking production techniques.


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Wall and surface graphics are a fantastic option for turning a blank, unused wall space into a large eye-catching area. They can be used to display any message to potential customers, and to promote your brand and/or products. We offer a huge range of options, from contour cut vinyl graphics, to huge bespoke wall coverings to door and furniture wraps all designed and installed by our team of experts.


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Window graphics are a great way of creating extra advertising when space is tight, ensuring you have an eye-catching frontage to your business premises, creating privacy for an overlooked window, or offering protection from the sun. From stunning full-colour translucent prints, to one-way vision films, to mandatory public space safety markings the Binary Box have all your window graphic requirements, literally, covered.


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Clear and concise signage is a vital part of presenting your professional company image; at the Binary Box we’re on hand for all your signage needs. From smaller interior signs, to wayfinding systems, to larger exterior units and fascias, we’re experts in producing and installing the highest quality signs, in all formats and materials.


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Built to order, custom LED neon signs use modern lighting technologies to capture the look and feel of an old-fashioned neon sign without many of the disadvantages presented by glass and neon gas. These can range in size, design, and colour to match your existing branding or establish a new look for your space or business.


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From simple banners, to plain wooden panels incorporating effective graphics, to full-colour large format printed hoarding panels. Hoarding graphics can be a particularly cost effective method of advertising and with careful planning and placement of design, the likelihood of your message being exposed to a large number of people can be huge.


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Vehicle advertising has been known to boost brand name recognition up to 15 times more than any other form of advertising. Passing motorists and pedestrians will not notice a plain white van – they WILL, however, notice an attractive, professionally designed vehicle! The Binary Box team can design and install any vehicle graphics you require, from full and partial wraps to bespoke decals and fleet liveries.


Your office decor should go beyond a lick of paint and a flower pot. Internal branding can take in an inspiring range of graphics, prints and banners that can enliven your workspace with the character it deserves. Our shop offers loads of speedy solutions at competitive costs.

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Our in-house team can match almost every style or design and provide best-practice guidance about your look and where and how it can be best deployed. While exceptionally large and complex designs may require specific solutions to resolve, these will be clearly present at the start of the process and allow our teams to address them in full. If you want to learn more about LED Neon Signs or discuss the specifics of your design, our team are more than happy to help.



Here at The Binary Box we care completely about the environment we work in, what surrounds us and the things that make us happy.
We welcome queries from all sectors and individuals, below is a sample of the types of work that we has featured most prominently in our portfolio to date.


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A Cycle Store is no longer just a place to dump your bike, it should be the first step of feeling at home and where you can prepare to unwind at the end of the day. We can take these spaces to the next level and help to create a unique theme within your cycle store to ensure you scheme ticks all the boxes for any staff or customers that are part of the growing cycling community. We are at the forefront of the design and installation of these new high-end cycle cycle stores, working with pioneers in the industry to deliver spaces that will impress and delight the most seasoned cyclists and fitness enthusiasts.


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It’s proven that the visual surroundings around you can play a huge part in creating a stimulating learning environment. Not only can graphics help create the ring setting in which to learn, they can also be used as a learning aid themselves.


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Exhibitions and events are a great place to network, and show off your amazing product or service, meet new peers and connect with potential customers. However they are also a place where you will be stood shoulder to shoulder with competitors within your industry. We have experience in designing and producing exhibition spaces that will engage potential clients, highlight your product, and generally help you to stand out in a room full of competition.


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We have a huge deal of experience in this area and have helped thousands of our clients to create unique spaces that bring their brand to life. Our ethos is based around the concept that the surfaces in your space are the blank pages on which you can tell your brands story to new potential members of staff, your existing team and ultimately to your clients as well.


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We have a wide range of experience working within the property & construction sector. Working alongside, developers, construction companies and agents we can help coordinate not only the physical marketing elements, but also the wider signage strategy around the end developments.


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Our team absolutely love creating funky spaces in the retail and hospitality sector. Whether is a brand-new bar space, a restaurant refurb or a full shop fit out. Our experienced design & install team can help create branding concepts and bring them to life within your space.


The perception of a work space is changing, it is no longer solely a business cost. Your work space can form one of your most important assets. Interior branding can be harnessed to help you attract and retain the best members of staff, win that game changing all important client. Most importantly a work space should provide an inspiring environment that breeds creativity and makes people excited to come to work from each day. Our team of designers help bring your branding to life by creating beautiful spaces that reflect your core values. We then bring this to fruition by creating bespoke pieces of artwork in our large format print and production studios, finally our team will install this for you at a time to suit you.


Our team work closely with you to help bring your interior branding to life no matter how little creative experience you have. We take the stress out of the creative process and help extract the right imagery that will best portray your brand and company values in the best light. We love to help you solve your business problems with creative design ideas.


Using a range of the latest printing and cutting machinery we custom build every aspect of your project in our studios. We constantly strive to deliver the most unique solutions to bring your office to life by combining the latest technology with forward thinking production techniques.


All interior branding installations are undertaken by our fully qualified fitting teams. Each installer is knowledgeable and skilled, with extensive experience of working in busy office environments. All work will be carried out to the highest standard at a time that suits you to make sure there is the least possible disruption to your working day.


With many years’ professional experience and a varied portfolio of clients, we can work with you to provide a design solution for your space that meets your unique needs and helps tackle problems you may not even have known existed.