We Love To Experiment With Art and Technology

Creating Unique Removable Wall Art For Our Customers

At The Binary Box we specialise in creating unique pieces of removable wall art, using the latest technologies in printing and plotting equipment to develop and experiment with innovative concepts. So, why The Binary Box? Well, our focus on digital technologies in an artistic environment means that thinking outside that box is an integral part of our core values and is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our aim is to constantly create new and exciting ways for you to revamp your home without the hassle that usually comes with decorating. We believe that change is important and that’s why we focus on removable solutions, so you can update your artwork as much as you fancy.

Artistic Vision, Attention to Detail and TLC

In Everything We Do

We want to make sure your wall art arrives with you in perfect condition, so a great deal of care is taken when hand finishing your products. All our wall stickers are precision cut on our digital plotting machines from high quality removable vinyl, and our full colour versions are printed at a high resolution with UV fade resistant inks to ensure your print stays a vibrant and sharp as the day you bought it.

With the same care and attention we take to make sure your wall decals are perfectly produced, we also have to ensure they get to you in the same condition that they left the workshop. Therefore we package all our stickers in easy to open clear plastic postal tubes that twist in the middle to make sure you can easily remove the product from the tube without damage. The rigid shell also protects your stickers in transit, they are fully waterproof and will not crease or bend while in transit to ensure they arrive with you safely.

Humble Beginnings…

The Binary Box started out in June 2009 with the owners Chris Chadwick and Andrew McGuire from a modest bedroom office with 2 laptops and one desk! We bought our first plotting machine shortly afterwards and started to create exciting pieces of removable wall art, it was then we knew we had found something we loved to create that we were both passionate about.

Always Looking Ahead

Striving to always develop new and exciting designs we invested in more printing and finishing equipment and have been extensively refining our products ever since to improve the end result to you the customer. Now we have a team who help to create your wall stickers from concept to realisation all from our print and production studios in Stockport, UK.

The Wall Art Process

The life of our wall art usually starts with a hand drawn sketch, but from here on it will be scanned and digitalised. At which point it is ready to be imported and art worked and sent to our digital printers and plotting devices where the computers and machines do the work. Although once these are ready it is up to our team to carefully hand finish the products and checked for any quality issues before it arrives with you to ensure you are always happy with your purchase.

At this stage excess vinyl is removed by hand and a clear application film is applied so you can transfer the design to the wall with ease. Finally all the edges are trimmed neatly and packaged with instructions in one of our protective clear postal tubes ready to be delivered to your door.

Easy to Apply. Easily Removable Wall Stickers

It’s a common misconception that some of our intricate wall are may be difficult to apply but this is not the case, all our products come with clear, easy to read instructions and have been pre-prepared with a clear transfer film to ensure all the smaller pieces are applied to the wall in one go. Once the design and the transfer tape are on the wall you simply remove the application film to reveal the finished design.

It’s just as easy to remove too, simply heat up the graphics on a gentle heat with a hair dryer as this releases the adhesive and then you can slowly peel back the sticker without causing damage to your paintwork and they will not leave any residue behind. See our how to apply wall stickers guides, how to remove wall stickers guides and fitting videos for more information.