Wall stickers: the perfect wedding present

An invitation to a wedding is a wonderful thing: watching people you love making their vows and then spending the rest of a magical day with them and making memories which will last for the rest of your lives. However, a wedding invitation also comes with a variety of obligations; new outfits, time off work […]

Looking for a Fun Way to Display for Photographs?

As you may know picture frame clusters are becoming a bit of a trend in the interior design world and it is becoming more and more popular to make a feature wall from your favourite snaps. Whether it be a family portrait, sporting achievements or pics of your globetrotting adventures, personal prints are a great […]

Making Your Wardrobe More Interesting

Tired and well used wardrobe doors can look old and in need of some attention, however, you can give your bedroom a whole new look when you redecorate your wardrobe doors. With a little bit of forward planning and some creativity, you can transform your wardrobe doors so thus breathe some much needed life into […]