Who is Banksy?

banksy french maid revealing wall

 Who Is Banksy? Notoriety Banksy, many would agree is the most diverse, controversial street artist of his time. Some would say he is, justifiably, the best artist in the world. Although so many praise his passion and impact, his identity remains unknown, why? Well no one exactly knows. His unknown persona gives a mysterious feel […]

Wall stickers: the perfect wedding present

What is the perfect wedding present? An invitation to a wedding is a wonderful thing: watching people you love making their vows and then spending the rest of a magical day with them and making memories which will last for the rest of your lives. However, a wedding invitation also comes with a variety of […]

Looking for a Fun Way to Display for Photographs?

    Looking For A Fun Way To Display Photographs? As you may know picture frame clusters are becoming a bit of a trend in the interior design world. It’s also becoming more and more popular to make a feature wall from your favourite snaps. Whether it be a family portrait, sporting achievements or pics […]

Making Your Wardrobe More Interesting

Tired and well used wardrobe doors can look old and in need of some attention. You can give your bedroom a whole new look when you redecorate your wardrobe doors. With a little bit of forward planning and some creativity, you can transform your wardrobe doors so thus breathe some much needed life into this […]

Can The Right Office Furniture Improve Productivity?

When it comes to giving your best in the workplace, the environment where you work plays a vital role. It is difficult to be productive if you are in a space which is oppressive or uncomfortable. Regardless of whether it is your home or a corporate work space it’s important that you choose the right […]

Top 5 Banksy Wall Stickers

Top 5 Banksy Wall Art Stickers Do you know about world renowned street artist, Banksy? With an unknown identity, his political art combines powerful messages and dark humour all in a distinctive stencilling technique. His globally famous work has been featured on streets, walls and bridges of cities throughout the world and now you can […]