The theory behind the design here is that within the boardroom there is a ‘no bull*£$!’ policy in place, hence a rather large bull graphic, marked with a giant red cross. Initially this was going to be a translucent reverse- printed image installed onto the inside of the glass, but after bouncing some ideas between Brandon and ourselves, we decided that placing the image of the bull on the inside of the room, with an opaque red cross installed on the outside of the glass would look particularly effective. We also incorporated a full coverage graphic on the glass door to the boardroom, a typographical image containing all the marketing slogans and jargon that should never, (repeat  NEVER!) be used within the boardroom.


This is an area to ‘Immerse yourself in your creative thinking’. Similarly to the boardroom, we decided to install a deep blue, semi-translucent ‘sea’ on the inside of the glazing, with an opaque image of a scuba diver on the outside. This gave a layered feel to the graphic, with the diver appearing to be submerged. It looked so realistic that as we were installing it, one of the staff members thought we’d left a bubble under the vinyl, not realising it was part of the scuba diver image! We also included a matt black door wrap, with some striking white text.


In the entrance hallway, which was painted white, we fitted some large matt black chevrons directing people up the stairs along with a simple, but effective wall graphic, again in matt black, with the slogan ‘Upstairs for thinking, downstairs for drinking’. Alongside the entrance area wall graphic, we installed a frosted vinyl graphic using Brandon’s logo. We didn’t realise it at the time, but when the sun shines brightly outside the image is perfectly projected up the stairs