Can The Right Office Furniture Improve Productivity?

Written by
dawncreativedev on April 6, 2017

When it comes to giving your best in the workplace, the environment where you work plays a vital role. It is difficult to be productive if you are in a space which is oppressive or uncomfortable. Regardless of whether it is your home or a corporate work space it's important that you choose the right furnishings.

Choosing Appropriate Furniture

One of the most dominant features in any office space is of course the desk and its accompanying chair. This is where the majority of work will be carried out. So it stands to reason that it needs to be taken into careful consideration. You cannot just pick out the first desk and chair set you see in the office furniture catalog! Perhaps the main consideration with office furniture is making sure that it is comfortable. There are a number of furniture designs available on the market which are specially designed to support the body. There have also been studies conducted which suggest that it is healthier and more productive to stand while working. Many manufacturers are beginning to introduce desks that are designed for standing use or can be easily switched between sitting and standing. Alternatively, you may wish to switch office chairs for seating balls! These ideas may be a little extreme for some offices, but a modern environment could really make an impact.  

Selecting Your Lighting and Décor

Of course the furniture is not the only factor in creating a comfortable and productive office, it is also important to think about factors such as the lighting and the décor. In terms of lighting, it is widely agreed that natural light is always best, but if that is not possible then there are daylight bulbs available that are designed to match natural light as closely as possible. The décor is also important with soft, calming colours being the ideal choice for walls and carpets.  Soft greens and yellows are usually a good choice although depending on the overall dynamic of your office you may also find that stronger colours can help to promote energy. The use of plants is also a great touch in creating a pleasant working environment. It's a good idea to have artwork on the walls as long as it is not particularly distracting to staff. In fact, one great way to incorporate art that is also motivational is to use wall decals either to use motivational words, key brand values or even the company logo to decorate the walls, you can check the wall stickers of The Binary Box to get more ideasOffice Wall Stickers | The Binary Box In conclusion, an office should not be treated simply as a place to do your work. It is an important part of your business which, when properly furnished and decorated, can help to boost productivity and efficiency among staff. If your staff are comfortable and are in a fresh and pleasant space they will put in much more effort. They do say that a happy employee is a productive employee.