Bondi Bowls

Bondi Bowls, a fresh addition to Manchester's food scene, is a fast food establishment that prioritizes healthy options. Our team had the privilege of overseeing their signage project, collaborating with the talented design agency, NoChintz, whose work exceeded expectations. Let's dive into this remarkable endeavor, considering the extensive signage enhancements. To commence, we've set up an eye-catching branded Lightbox outside Bondi Bowls, which remains prominent both day and night due to its illuminating effect.

One notable example of the project's success is the beach-themed vinyl graphics that adorn a brick wall. This application offers a textured appearance, seamlessly aligning with the Bondi theme and infusing the shop with a vibrant burst of color. This feature becomes the focal point as customers step into the store.

Within the store, acrylic signage has been strategically placed to guide patrons through the ordering and food collection process.

The glossy black acrylic signs stand out against the white walls, providing clear direction and adding a modern touch to the space.

Furthermore, we've incorporated additional vinyl designs on a designated feature wall, accompanied by spotlighting. This segment shares the intriguing story of Bondi Bowls' inception, providing a delightful read for customers while they savor their healthy bowls.

To entice potential customers, we've applied vinyl window graphics outside, effectively beckoning them to step inside and experience the delights of Bondi Bowls.

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