Office Branding

Dakota is headquartered in Manchester, and we had the privilege of managing their comprehensive office branding, both internally and externally. Collaborating with Dakota on office design, we crafted distinctive elements such as wall graphics, prominent acrylic signage, and expansive illuminated letters.

The initial sign that catches your eye upon approaching the building is a sizable tray sign with elevated lettering, showcasing their brand logo. This sets the tone for what follows. The centerpiece of the branding within the building is undoubtedly the Dakota logo, presented in a stunning illuminated sign. Each significant letter is halo-lit from the back, while the smaller letters are face-lit in a captivating red. This display immediately grabs your attention upon entering the premises.

Continuing the captivating signage journey, we integrated acrylic letters onto a sleek slatwall at the entrance. The slatwall adds a modern and professional touch while aligning seamlessly with the brand's theme.

As you ascend to the main office area, a series of inspiring company quotes and graphics adorn the walls, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Finally, at the rear of the building, a smaller sign mirroring the one at the front is installed, ensuring a consistent and cohesive branding experience.

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