Office Branding & Vehicle Graphics


ITECH, a Manchester-based company, that specializes in IT solutions, we had the privilege of undertaking their office branding project and wrapping their company van with high-quality vinyl graphics featuring their logo. We began by installing a stunning black illuminating light box tray sign in the main office of the building, and the result is truly remarkable.

Upon entering the building, you are immediately greeted by a sleek and smart acrylic logo sign adorning the wall. This instantly brands the space and imparts a professional atmosphere.

We had the opportunity to design both of the main offices, and one of them was carefully crafted with a slat wall concept. The office features illuminating frames that showcase inspiring company quotes, adding an extra touch of motivation and creativity to the workspace.

Our skilled team have wrapped the ITECH vans in eye-catching graphics that effectively represent ITECH's brand and messaging. The van now showcases a striking visual identity, capturing the attention of potential customers and creating a professional and memorable impression.

Having branding vinyl graphics on a vehicle can be an incredibly effective marketing strategy. It turns any vehicle into a moving billboard, maximizing brand exposure and reaching a wide audience. The bold and eye-catching designs grab attention, making the vehicle stand out on the road and in crowded areas.

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