The CAD Room

Interior Branding and Signage Project

‘Hi there, is this the Binary Box? you recently completed an office graphic installation project for a client of ours and we love what you did for them, could we chat about a similar project for ourselves?..’ Recommendations and referrals really mean a lot to us at the Binary Box, it’s what we strive for, to complete a project for a company, and for them to recommend us to someone else on the back of what we’ve done. It lets us know we’re really doing things right. Word of mouth counts for a great deal.

So, when we were contacted by The CAD Room, a complete CAD and Building Information Modelling service company in Stockport, they already had a good idea about us and the kind of services we provide. Grant Hood, the CAD Rooms Managing Director approached us directly to discuss his ideas for transforming their office space into somewhere a bit more ‘Funky’. We were of course more than happy to help.

The first step was to invite Grant down to our studio for a tour of our own workspace, we’ve worked long and hard to create a working environment that not only is a stimulating and engaging workspace for ourselves, but also a fantastic advertisement for the services we provide.

We’re really proud of our studio design and we love showing people what we do. At this stage Grant realised that we were more than capable of realising his concepts for the CAD Room’s offices.

The CAD Rooms core values were an important part of the installation as well, and needed to be displayed as a graphic element in an area visible to all staff and visitors. As the CAD Rooms office is on two levels there was a perfect location for this on their stairwell. This meant a slightly more challenging installation from our point of view, but nothing we’re not capable of.

Now anyone who uses the stairs at the CAD Room has no choice but to notice how important their core values are to them. Similarly, inspirational quotations that relate directly to the CAD Room’s ethos were installed alongside the other wall graphics. This was not only to inspire and motivate staff members, but also to let clients visiting the CAD Room realise how seriously they take their work.

We also installed some branded door wraps to their toilet and store cupboard doors, transforming the hall spaces with bright colours, matched to the colour scheme of the CAD Rooms existing brand. With the addition of their logo as a simple yet effective graphic on their front door the installation was complete.

Realising and bringing a client brief to fruition is what we’re all about at the Binary Box. If you’re potentially considering a project like this for your own company, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. You’re more than welcome to pop down and have a brew, visit our studio, and let’s discuss your ideas.

Grant Hood, Chief Owner, The CAD Room

We were introduced to the Binary Box by a mutual connection, We were intrigued within the office environment if it could become a bit more of a funky place, so we got in touch and made arrangement to go over to their site so we could have a look and see what they had done, which impressed us in that it was cool, good stuff. So after that we made arrangements for the initial site visit at our place which gave them the openness to come up with some designs and energize our office.
Binary Box created a proposal for us which covered every wall on the site measures and after a few tweaks here and there it was approved and we said - Yes, go ahead with it! When it came to the installation stage, the guys from Binary box were great. They were very polite and didn't disrupt us at all, from that point of view it was seamless, very professional.
The Aftercare package from the Binary Box was great you know, I was always in contact with Chris, he was always available when I needed him to reply, and they have a lifetime guarantee as well so it was brilliant. The impact of the installation has been great, the morale of the staff members has been positive, they like to see something on the walls that's something that they actually have drawn and the services that we provide. It's lifted up the whole office environment really.

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