Does office branding contribute to productivity?

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dawncreativedev on July 17, 2020

Branding tells the world who your company is, and what it is you do.

However, it also has an important role to play within the business.

A brand is a unifying symbol that should bring together all members of an organisation under one common aim.

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When employees see your office branding, they should ideally feel a sense of belonging – that they are a representative of it and a key contributor to its success.

Taking this a step further, internal branding inspires creativity within a team, and it can contribute towards a well-designed office space which improves productivity for everyone.

But what is internal branding? And why is it important?

Internal branding is essentially the same as external, except for one key difference: the target audience.

While commercial branding is intended to promote a company’s reputation and attract new clients, internal branding has more to do with identity and morale.

Retaining, and inspiring, staff is of paramount importance for most modern businesses and one of the easiest ways to do this is to make every worker feel as if they are an essential part of something bigger.

That sense of belonging begins from the moment they walk through the door of your office building for the first time.

If they are walking into a cluttered, generic office block they may struggle to imagine a future for themselves there.

But a bright, well-lit, modern and branded space tells potential employees that you are a company with an eye on the future, and this will appeal to the sort of worker that wants to stay long term.

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What are the benefits of internal branding in offices?

By dedicating attention to your office’s internal branding, you are effectively investing in your workforce.

Everyone wants to be able to work in a company that truly cares about its employees, and good office design tells your staff that you want them to be comfortable and happy during the hours that they spend there.

This is a crucial way to build a sense of belonging among your workforce that will help you to retain great staff.

Internal branding also sparks confidence in visitors – potential and current clients, vendors, job applicants and service providers.

If you can create a space that people want to spend time in, you will have no trouble hiring new talent and renewing contracts with customers.

Who does office branding impact? How?

While internal branding helps to create cohesion within a team, it also impacts people outside of your organisation.

Anyone who enters your office will form a first impression within 60 seconds.

The colours, the branding, the smell, the layout – these will all contribute to their immediate view of your business.

A messy, poorly-designed office tells would-be clients or vendors that your company is itself disorganised.

By contrast, modern and unique décor signals that yours is a company that is detail-oriented and has its finger on the pulse.

When you welcome clients into your workspace, you want them to see your company in the best possible light.

And, while the quality of your work should speak for itself, there are a number of clever visual tools that you can employ to grab their attention.

Themed break-out areas, bold colours, and branded wallpaper or wall stickers are just a few ways in which you can make your office stand out.

Unique artwork and graphic design catches the eye, generating a talking point for visitors that will help them remember you after they have left.

Our expert design team knows exactly what is required when it comes to the internal branding of your office, and we work closely with every business to ensure that your office branding reflects your ethos as a company. Check out some recent examples of our work here.

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Will productivity increase?

Numerous studies have found that office design can have a huge impact on workplace productivity and employee loyalty.

Strong and positive workplace branding will instil a sense of pride in your employees, and this in turn will promote productivity and build loyalty among staff.

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In fact, a study in 2011 found that a massive 25 per cent of job satisfaction is due to the work environment, while the workplace can affect individual employee performance by five per cent and team performance by 11 per cent.

Of course, it is also important to take a measured look at the other factors affecting productivity.

Any drive to improve branding should also be accompanied by a commitment to make any suitable changes in your daily approach to work.

This commitment can then be reflected in your branding materials and office design, so that it can filter through all elements of your company.

By eliminating clutter and any other distractions, you can encourage your employees to focus on the job at hand.

And, by creating dedicated break-out spaces, you allow your staff to chat, communicate and explore their creativity in new ways.

And isn’t that what you want from a modern office?

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