Encouraging Creativity to Blossom with Biophilic Design

Written by
dawncreativedev on February 20, 2020

Most of us as humans enjoy connecting with nature in one way or another, from simply going for a walk in the park, to spending time in the garden or even heading off to the hills or mountains, we do these activities because we enjoy them. They make us feel good within ourselves.

Biophilic office design basically relates to bringing the outdoors inside, or more accurately bringing elements of nature into the workplace. This can be achieved in many different ways. From the simple addition of pot plants in the office to colour schemes featuring elements taken from the natural world, through to grass-like flooring or even ‘living walls’ within the interior design of the building, the possibilities are endless.

Image Credit: https://www.greenroofs.com/2019/02/20/biophilia-turning-conventional-architecture-inside-out/

Numerous recent studies have proven that workplaces featuring greenspaces or biophilic areas are incredibly effective working environments. Showing significant improvements in productivity among employees, biophilic office designs are becoming more and more popular in our surroundings at work. One particular UK based study found that employees with an exposure to the natural world within the work environment were up to 15% more productive, had increased concentration levels and far less attention fatigue.

Also, a more stimulating yet relaxing working environment has been shown to boost creativity and creative thinking.

Image Credit: https://www.chapmantaylor.com/insights/the-importance-of-biophilic-design

Workplace interior designs and installations are what we do at the Binary Box and we’ve been asked numerous times to provide solutions for companies incorporating elements of biophilic design as part of fit-out project. From translucent window graphics showing the natural environment, to feature wallpapers printed and installed to give the photorealistic feel of a green landscape or forest backdrop, to feature walls covered with lifelike foliage.

we’ve achieved some stunning results and had some fantastic feedback from our clients. We ourselves have plenty of plants and foliage in our workplace, and also have installed a synthetic grass flooring in our reception area. If you were to visit us here at the Binary Box (and you’re welcome for a brew anytime!) We hope you find our working environment as relaxing and similarly as engaging as we do!

View the slideshow before for some of our Biophillic designs.