How to design a visually successful exhibition stand

Written by
dawncreativedev on April 23, 2019

Having been involved with numerous exhibition campaigns over the years, not just for ourselves, but for many of our customers, we’ve decided to come up with a simple but useful guide to planning and designing a visually effective and ultimately successful exhibition stand.

So, you’ve chosen the correct trade show for marketing your business, and which particular exhibitions your target customers will be attending. The next step is to think about the perfect space to book for your organisation, most businesses want to be situated in a prominent position within the hall with the highest passing footfall, but some companies might prefer to have a corner plot, or one situated in a quieter area of the exhibition hall. Make sure you carefully consider the areas and spaces available to best be used to your advantage and be sure to book your space well in advance to ensure your company is included in all of the event organisers promotional materials.

On to your stand construction, most exhibition organisers offer a basic ‘shell-scheme’ plot, usually including a two or three sided space, including a facia for your companies name and an electric hook-up. There are numerous types of exhibition stand to choose from, and a lot to consider : Budget is usually the main factor, as is the nature of the event you are attending, but also how often you plan to exhibit and how much your core messages and graphics will change is again hugely important.

For example a small business may only require something as simple as one or two ‘pop-up banners’ to adequately advertise their services, but moving upwards on the price scale, fully modular display or banner stands, or even a completely bespoke stand fabrication can have a tremendous visual impact.

Whatever you choose for your stand construction make sure you invest in a stand that features the highest possible quality signage and graphics, exhibition stand graphics matter. A lot.

In an hall full of exhibitors, some of whom are likely to be competitors, you really need to stand out above the rest. Correctly displayed and tailored to reflect your brand at its best, your graphics are guaranteed to work for you at your event, generating the impact that will see you stand out amongst your competition for all the right reasons.

You have roughly three seconds to capture the attention of your potential customers so ensure your stand graphics are clear, concise and most importantly eye catching.

Design is so crucial because your stand is an extension of your company brand, and is the first thing on which anyone can judge whether to stop and interact. Your stand design and graphics must convey a brand message, as well as being eye-catching. Your stand acts as the bridge between the visitor and your brand – so make sure it looks on-brand and reflects the personality of your business.