We understand that you may have lots of questions about our wall stickers. We assembled a list of the most commonly asked questions and these can be seen below. If, after reading through these answers you still have something you need to ask, then please contact us for further information.

Do wall stickers leave marks?

Our wall stickers are made using removable adhesives. The ideal wall surface is a painted/plastered wall that has had 2 coats of paint applied and at least 2 weeks to fully dry before applying.

  • Use heat from a hair dryer to make them more malleable and soften the adhesive.
  • Slowly peel away.
  • Any small marks can be removed using an eraser.

Are wall stickers removable?

Our Wall stickers can be easily removed from standard painted walls, leaving no excess residue behind. We understand this as we recognise that this is a significant consideration when choosing to decorate your home with wall stickers. Under regular circumstances, our wall stickers are easily removable, however the quality of the wall paint can have a significant effect on it removability. We therefor recommend you test a small sample on the application area of the wall beforehand if you concerned about the wall sticker being cleanly removed. Please request a small sample if you want to test the application area first.

Our team at The Binary Box have compiled instructions on how to safely remove wall stickers. Should you find that your wall sticker is particularly persistent and tough to remove, gently heat up the wall sticker with either a heat gun or hair dryer to unstiffen the glue and allow for an easier removal.

Can I Get a Sample?

We recognise that ease of removable can play a significant factor when choosing wall stickers. That is why we are more than happy to send our customers free samples to test on the application area before applying their wall sticker. If you would like a free sample of any of our wall stickers then please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today.

Are your wall stickers made in the UK?

Absolutely yes. We proudly design and manufacture all of our wall stickers right here in the UK. What started out from humble beginning with two laptops and one desk in a home office and now evolved in to a fully-fledged design studio located in the heart of Manchester.

Do wall decals ruin paint?

Under normal circumstances, no wall decals will ever ruin existing paint on the walls. However please note that the quality of wall paint may be a determining factor as it can sometimes lead to a discolouration when the wall decal is removed after a sustained period of time.

Do wall decals come off easily?

Yes, all of our wall decals come prepacked with instructions on how to apply and how to remove. If you have a particularly stubborn wall decal that is tough to remove we suggest using a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive enabling the wall decal to be removed from the application area with minimum effort.

Do wall stickers damage walls?

We recommend wall stickers are applied to plastered walls with at least two coats of paint applied. Should you stick to these recommendations then removal of your wall stickers will not damage your walls.

Will wall stickers stick to textured walls?

Our standard wall stickers may not adhere to textured walls. Wall stickers are designed for smooth painted plastered walls with at least 2 coats of paint applied. If you are unsure you can send us a photograph and we can better advise you. We can upgrade your product to a stronger material which will adhere to a more textured surface.

What are wall stickers?

Wall stickers allow you to easily apply a stencil-like graphic to your wall without the need for a paintbrush, spray paint or any previous experience to apply them. All our wall stickers come with easy to follow guides and links to fitting videos that show you how to install and remove them. Our team is also on hand to discuss any questions you may have over the phone or via email.

There are three layers to the wall stickers.

  1. The clear transfer sheet
  2. The sticker itself
  3. The backing sheet

The clear transfer sheet allows you to transfer the whole design to the wall, whether it is in lots of smaller pieces this does not matter so there is no fiddly lining up. This is clear so that it is easy to see the design so you can see exactly where to position it. This is removed during the application process and can be recycled with your plastic waste.

The sticker is the middle layer which is either created from a solid colour vinyl, or printed on our full colour printers using UV fade resistant inks so that your prints will never fade. This is the piece that get transferred on to the wall, you can rub your finger along the surface and the background is the paint itself. We use eco-friendly inks which are completely child safe and can be used in schools, nurseries, children’s bedrooms and wherever your imagination can think of.

The backing sheet is the bottom layer which holds everything together on the sheet when you come to apply. Customers can recycle the backing sheet in their paper waste.

We design, produce and dispatch all our wall stickers in-house. Created by our team of designer-makers who hand finish each piece and check that it’s of the highest quality.

All of our products are packaged with gifting in mind and are easy to transport in small postal tubes.



Video: How to apply wall stickers with transfer paper.



All of our wall stickers are easy to apply at home without assistance. We have a full guide on How to Apply Wall Stickers available to read.