Serious Graft at Grafters Live 2019

Written by
dawncreativedev on April 17, 2019

As you may have read in our previous newsletter, last month we decided to exhibit our company and our services at Grafters Live, a dedicated construction and property exhibition at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium. What a few days we had!

We had worked with the Grafters organisation before, and some weeks before the event, as Grafters knew about our graphics and signage installation services, we were very kindly introduced to the other companies and organisations that would also be exhibiting on the day. This resulted in us not only designing and building our own stand for the event, but also for five other exhibiting companies.

Statistics indicate that you have roughly three seconds to capture the attention of your potential customers at an exhibition, so ensuring your stand graphics are clear, concise and most importantly eye catching is of the utmost importance.

Here’s where we come in……

For two of the businesses involved in the exhibition we were asked to design, supply and install a ‘pop-up’ tensioned fabric backdrop. These are fully portable and reusable display systems that are simple to transport and erect, yet look incredibly striking.

Our own stand, and stands for the three other companies were constructed with the use of seamless graphic panels. These consist of pre-printed high-density foam boards, made to measure and attached to the three walls which make up a traditional ‘shell-scheme’ exhibition stand. We worked closely with the other companies involved to ensure their branding and company message was on display and installed exactly to their requirements.

We decided to divide our stand in two, using our wallspace to showcase the different areas of our expertise in graphics for the construction industry – Site perimeter hoarding graphics, and wall surface graphics ( incorporating a bespoke LED illuminated signage unit ) – We made one half of our stand up to look like a hoarding project, and the other half to demonstrate our surface graphics skills. After the addition of a custom made artificial grass branded graphic, a furniture unit freshly wrapped in an architectural vinyl film, and a TV screen playing our company showreel video we were ready to really graft!

Our sales team worked tirelessly at Grafters Live, not only meeting and greeting all the visitors to the event and showing them our graphics and signage know-how, but also making sure that we established communications with all the other contributing companies and delegates, after all, everyone and every company involved was there to hopefully work together in the same area of industry.

We’re sure that all the other exhibitors and contributors will agree, the event was a huge success, with many important leads passed on and some fantastic business contacts made.

If you or your company are thinking of showcasing yourselves at an exhibition or trade fair, make sure you give us a call here at The Binary Box, we’d be more than happy to help with any exhibition stand design, construction or installation requirements you may have.

Just remember, whatever you choose for your stand construction make sure you invest in a stand that features the highest possible quality signage and graphics, exhibition stand graphics matter. A lot.