How can I use an LED neon sign for my business?

Written by
dawncreativedev on September 30, 2020

Choosing the right kind of signage for your space allows you to draw down a number of significant benefits. But when it comes to options such as LED neon signage, it can be difficult to know how where to start.

Some may struggle to understand the options available while others may have a specific use-case that is difficult to crack. No matter your challenge, advancements in tech, miniaturisation, mass production and lighting can help ensure that there’s a solution for everyone – either a ‘one size fits all’ that’s perfect for any company or a custom design that captures your specific business strategy.

So, how exactly can you use a neon sign for your work and what options are available to businesses looking to mix up their marketing and more?

Why are LED neon signs popular?

Mainstays on the market since their initial use in the 1920’s, technical developments with modern LED neon signs have refined the costly and maintenance-heavy originals to provide something functional and flexible.

Used for internal and external advertising and branding, neon signs are exceptionally effective when deployed correctly. Where older models used a combination of bespoke glass tubing and inert gas, modern options have refined the process through the use of LED lights and modern technology and miniaturisation.

This makes deploying a neon sign quick, simple, and cost effective. The use of neon lights also allows for additional flexibility when it comes to adopting your branding and design, letting you have full control over the design process.

This results in a fit-for-purpose end-product that has reduced both running and maintenance costs and provided incredible flexibility when it comes to choosing how and where to deploy it.

Who can use them?

If you are interested about marketing your business or products in an eye-catching manner, a LED neon sign is an incredibly effective way to achieve this.

This can range from bricks and mortar stores, companies looking to revolutionise their office space, or those looking to establish a distinct in-house style. While they are extremely popular for bars, restaurants, clubs, and businesses; choosing an LED sign can help revamp any professional space.

No matter your needs, choosing a bespoke LED sign can help advertise, instruct, or engage your audience with ease. And with the latest advancements in tech and lighting, it can be a low-cost solution that allows your branding and business to punch well above its weight in a crowded marketplace.

What should I think about?

When it comes to deciding about a potential sign, there are a number of elements that are worth considering. These include, but are not limited to-

Your Brand: It is important to consider the unique value proposition that your business and brand represents. Is it playful, professional, long-standing, or fresh on the market? Maybe a cutting edge product or service that needs to be shouted about? Knowing what you represent will allow you to transfer your internal style and materials with ease and allow you to tailor your appearance effectively.

Your Viewers: Think about who is going to be encountering this signage and how they will be doing so. Is it going to be visitors to your store, pedestrians on the street encountering your signage, individuals at an event, or any number of people that may view your branding? Understand where they will be encountering it and how, and then determine the ideal location you would like to place your sign in.

Their Purpose: The most vital question of all, what are you going to be using your sign for and what benefits do you hope to gain? Is it marketing your business, directing customers to your door or store front, or are there other options? Once you know exactly what you’re trying to get out of your chosen signage, the necessary tweaks can be made with ease.

Of course, once these are thought through, it becomes helpful to consider other practical variables. These can include your space, budget, location, and much more. Working with a professional team will allow you to unpack and address these in turn, letting you enjoy the perfect signage for your unique professional needs.