How important is good office design?

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dawncreativedev on November 24, 2020

A key part of consolidating your brand identity and practical business setup, putting together a solid office design can help in a significant number of ways. Key of which is creating the optimum environment for your teams to work in and engage with potential clients whilst working with unified purpose to reach a common goal.

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So, what exactly is the principle of office design and why is it so important for your company to get right, no matter the size?

What is office design?

Combining practical considerations and elements of design, modern office interiors are a vital part of any business.

Office design involves looking at your available office space and developing an aesthetic and practical solution that allows your teams to work efficiently, is easy to work in, and fully embodies your ethos.

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This involves considering desk layouts, colour schemes, conference and meeting room usage, public and private spaces, and much more. While it’s possible to handle this internally, working with a reliable provider can help ensure that you get it right first time and are able to forge ahead with future work from a position of strength.

Why is branding your office space so important?

Often overlooked during the redesign process, making sure that your internal branding is correctly applied is absolutely essential. This can be as simple as placing your branding in places of prominence, making tweaks to your existing design, or starting from scratch with a new look.

Your business brand is vital to the way you work and choosing the right provider can allow you to make changes with ease, ensure that your materials are tastefully applied, and come up with a setup that works for you.

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What principles are key?

Though there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution, there are a number of design principles that can help your design hit the ground running. Some of the most vital considerations include, but are not limited to-

Considering Culture: Often considered to be your company’s unique ‘identity’, making sure that your brand is embodied throughout your design is essential. Are you a professional firm that wants to use a minimalist aesthetic? Maybe you’re fun and playful? Or perhaps you’re forging your own identity or in the middle of a change. No matter what you need, choosing a consistent aesthetic and palate can help take the stress out of future decisions and let people know who you are, why you are here and what you do.

Optimising Productivity: Choosing the right office design can help remove obstacles to communication and problems with your infrastructure. This can help tackle difficult office dynamics, improve collaboration and teamwork as well as embed best practice throughout your organisation. This can be as straightforward as choosing the right furniture, making the most of natural lighting, and designing each space with the end-user in mind.

Mapping out the future: Taking the time to implement and build a distinct brand identity can help improve your business design in the here and now, but also set you up for future successes. Choosing a replicable, consistent scheme can help raise your identity and embed awareness with current clients, future contacts, and members of staff. This can help allow for an additional level of control when it comes to your work and ensure you have the best office branding to attract new clients with.

What are the risks?

Taking a bold, gung-ho approach with your workspace may seem exciting but this approach could eventually lead into you running into obstacles. Failing to secure a reliable design or take a structured approach can result in wasted time, resource, and energy. Or with an end-product that simply doesn’t work.

Taking the time to plan and partner with a reliable provider can help your budget go further, deepen your understanding, and allow you to move ahead with confidence knowing that your unique business identity is safe and secure.

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What next?

If you want to learn more about office branding and the potential benefits it can bring to your business, our team at The Binary Box is here to help. With many years’ professional experience and a varied portfolio of clients, we can work with you to provide a design solution for your space that meets your unique needs and helps tackle problems you may not even have known existed.

You can view our full list of products and services from here, alongside reviewing our regularly updated list of client testimonials. If you have specific questions or queries about designing and branding your office space, you can contact us directly and let a member of our team know exactly what you need to ensure that your office design works exactly as you need it to.