How Important is Shop Front Signage?

Written by
dawncreativedev on February 1, 2021

Whether you are advertising, informing, or engaging; optimising shop front signage is absolutely essential.

A cornerstone of marketing, taking care of you branding can have a massive impact on customer engagement, conversions, and help you kick-start your brand when it truly matters most.

So, how exactly can your signage bring benefit to your business and what options and key considerations do you have to play with?

What are the benefits of shop front signage?

Having the right signage for your business can bring significant advantages to your business. These can include, but are by no means limited to-

Increased Awareness: Using a well-crafted sign can help increase public awareness of the existence of your brand and its services. Choosing an eye-catching and engaging design can draw foot traffic, be repurposed throughout your business branding, and allow for 24/7 advertising if positioned and implemented correctly.

Craft Your Brand: Creating a quality design allows you to review your in-house branding work and make any required tweaks and changes. This can help you stand out in an extremely competitive market, understand where your advertising is working or failing to convert and let your style remain consistent across all your work.

Information and Understanding: Properly crafted signage can help customers and clients understand exactly what your business offers and how it potentially suits their needs. This can list or detail the work your do, the specialist service you provide, and much more. This allows you to quickly and confidently let your audience make the right call about engaging with you and save you both time and energy.

What challenges can you face?

While designing a sign may seem simple, the degree of choice available can be daunting. Creating a new brand identity from scratch can be incredibly intimidating and – if it isn’t thought-through – you can find yourself running the risk of missing out on hidden opportunities.

Working with a creative design agency or provider can help you make the right decision about your signage in a fraction of the time. This can range from an end-to-end design process, making tweaks and reviews to your extant branding, or carrying out bespoke work that directly addresses your concerns and requirements.

Remember, a bad design is as bad as no signage at all. Taking the time to find a look and build that is right can bring massive benefits and ensure your business draws maximum benefit from your work.

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What should you consider?

If you’re still on the fence about your signage, it’s helpful to start asking questions about your specific requirements. You should start by asking-

What type of signage should you use? There are a range of options available for professionals looking to create a sign for their business. These include LED neon options, vinyl and physical signage, reusable items and more. If you are unsure, checking out a provider’s site can give you a sense of the options available and which initial pick is right for you.

What is my design inspiration? Having a sense of your overall look and aesthetic can hep streamline the sign design process. This can range from revamping your current in-house brand, assembling mood and tone boards, or seeking inspiration from other providers in the market. And, even if you can’t decide on a style to go for, knowing what you don’t want can be just as helpful.

What will my design do? Are you looking to direct foot traffic? Advertise a change in your business model? Be a presence on the high street? No matter what you need from your sign, setting a clear accomplishable goal can be a great way to guide your creative and design process and ensure that you get the results you need once the work is finished out.

What next?

If you want to make changes to your shop front or learn more about your signage options, our team at The Binary Box is here to help. With many years’ experience providing front-line support to business owners, our team is well- placed to bring positive change to your business.

You can view our list of services in full from here. Or, if you have any questions and queries about how best to highlight your shop front, you can contact us directly and let a member of our in-house team help you find exactly what you need for your unique situation.