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How To Apply Wall Stickers Guide

Our wall stickers are easy to apply. If you have never applied wall stickers like ours before, then you may be asking yourself where do I start? Fortunately applying your new wall art couldn’t be easier. Whilst it can be a breeze, we do recommend following the steps below so you get it right the first time. 

Step 1

With a dry cloth rub down the wall making sure it is both clean and smooth. Placing masking tape either side of the sticker half way up to hold it in position. Peel the sticker and application film to the tape in the middle.

Step 2

Using scissors cut away the newly revealed backing paper and apply the top part of the design to the wall. Repeat the process for the bottom half of the wall.

Step 3

Using a credit card firmly rub and apply the sticker to the wall, focusing primarily on the adhesive sticker design.

Step 4

Finally, start to peel the application film away from the wall revealing the design. If the application film and sticker do not adhere to the wall simply re apply and rub down further with the credit card.