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How To Remove Wall Stickers Guide

If you have never removed wall stickers before then you may be asking yourself where do I start? Fortunately removing your existing wall art couldn’t be easier. Whilst it can be a breeze, we do recommend following the steps below so you get it right first time.

Step 1

All you need is a hairdryer to remove our wall stickers and vinyls. Start from one of the corners and heat up the vinyl for 30 seconds.

Step 2

Once you have heated the corner start to peel away from the wall very slowly. Keep the hair dryer moving to apply heat to the vinyl before you peel away any part of the sticker.

Step 3

If the wall surface is in poor condition, please proceed slowly to ensure no paint peels away from the wall. Applying heat for longer will help loosen the adhesive from the wall sticker.

Additional Information

Once you have taken time to restore your wall back to its original condition. If you would like to see how to apply wall stickers click here.