How to strengthen your brand with interior design

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dawncreativedev on September 9, 2020

How to strengthen your brand with interior design

Interior design is the art of the first impression. It is the way that you present your brand to the world, and the distillation of your company’s ethos in the most subtle and effective way possible.

But this doesn’t happen by chance… good brand design and interior design requires a strong creative eye and an experienced team that understands the value of visual branding.

To get this right we need to examine the importance of incorporating branding into your interior design, why it’s important, how it can help your brand and conversely, how the lack of a well thought-out interior design strategy can even damage your brand.

What is branding & why is it important?

Branding is the visualisation of your company’s philosophy. It should tell your customers, employees and competitors what you stand for and why you are the best in your field.

There are thousands of examples of great branding in the world today, but perhaps the greatest branding success story is Apple. Everyone knows the Apple logo, because it is right there in the company’s name. And when it comes to design, every consumer is aware that Apple prides itself on sleek, minimalist devices which are intended to be as intuitive as possible.

The success – and simplicity – of the Apple brand has made it easy for the company to scale its business. Almost every major city now has its own Apple store, which is easily identified by its apple logo, sleek design and bright white décor. By maintaining these consistent design tropes, Apple has been able to build a global presence which is instantly recognisable.

This is the value of great branding – it tells the world who you are and what you stand for and allows you to scale up with minimal disruption.

What is interior design?

Interior design can be considered an extension of your branding. It refers to the design, display and décor of your company’s physical premises – whether that is an office, a storefront, a stand at a corporate exhibition, or a mode of transport. When a person steps into that physical space, they are immediately surrounded by your interior design, and this works to create an atmosphere that will heavily influence their first impression of your brand.

For instance, bold primary colours could be perceived as being playful or modern; while chrome and white can combine to create a futuristic air; and pastel shades evoke femininity and relaxation.

But there are a few subtle tricks that interior designers use to convey a company’s message. Shades of green accented with lush botanicals creates a natural space that promotes creativity among employees and visitors. Customised workspaces can make the most of a unique office layout, creating more room for desks and meeting areas, without making the space feel cluttered. Inlaid LED lighting can make up for a lack of natural light, while also allowing you to highlight certain objects or areas in your showroom. And an open plan office design creates the impression that your company is transparent and busy.

Good interior design will accentuate the best qualities of your business in the most effortless way possible. By contrast, bad or non-existent interior design can make you appear unprofessional, messy and unreliable to prospective clients, vendors and staff members.

How can interior design help your brand?

The interior design of your office, vehicles and staging spaces should bring together your branding, your purpose, and your ambitions. It should tell the story of your business and promote its most attractive features.

For instance, a film or TV studio might be kitted out with posters and memorabilia from their most successful productions. The reception area may feature any recent awards and trophies, and the furnishings might call to mind the golden age of cinema.

But professional interior design takes an even more finessed approach that brings together every publicly recognised element of the company in one comfortable, inspirational space.

For example, a marketing company may choose to introduce elements of the company’s logo into the interior design of its office. A circular pattern might be mimicked in an abundance of circular table-tops and porthole-style windows, while the company’s colours will be hinted at through bespoke artworks and soft furnishings.

This approach to interior design will embed a sense of your branding into the very fabric of your workspace. This creates a sense of cohesion across your company and strengthens your brand through the repetition of key concepts and ideas.

How can a lack of interior design damage your brand?

A lack of interior design – on the other hand – can be incredibly dangerous for your brand. Not only are you missing out on an opportunity to highlight your successes by foregoing interior design; but you also risk sending out the wrong message to your customers. A messy office projects a sense of disorganisation (as well as creating numerous health and safety hazards). Uncomfortable chairs will fail to make your visitors feel welcome and may even encourage them to cut their visit short out of sheer discomfort. Dark colours in a poorly lit office can create a gloomy atmosphere that does not reflect well on your brand’s outlook.

And then there is the financial element. By investing in good interior design, you are making a positive statement about your company’s future – it says that you are confident in your product or service, and you are here to stay. Mismatched or badly worn furniture suggests that you have neither the money nor the inclination to invest in your brand, which does not bode well for your future success.

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Ultimately, it does not take much to promote your branding through interior design.

Simply seek out the advice of the experts and let them do what they do best!

Be prepared to invest in and update your décor on a regular basis and take pride in the appearance of your workspace by keeping it clean and bright.

To learn more about commercial interior design and what an interior designer can do for your brand, contact The Binary Box today.

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