How to use wall stickers in an office

Written by
dawncreativedev on August 19, 2020

How can you use wall stickers in an office?

Wall stickers can be used in a variety of ways in the office. They can incorporate a business’ logo or branding, to create a sense of cohesion in your workspace and reinforce your brand identity.

Or you could simply use them to brighten up a dull area, by adding a map of the world, a Banksy-esque decal, or some Art Deco style wall spots to add interest to a forgotten corner.

They can also be used to highlight staff incentives and office perks. For instance, if you pride yourself on your annual company ski trip, you could use Alpine-themed wall stickers to transform a shared meeting space and inspire your staff.

In the break room, images of coffee grounds will signpost the complimentary coffee on offer and create a relaxing environment that feels separate to the rest of the office.

Wall stickers can also be an affordable way to improve a room’s appearance, covering up shabby paintwork or a retired logo. A good quality wall sticker will cover a multitude of sins, while looking sharp and modern, and adding a brand-new quality to a room. They are also far cheaper than managing a full office refurbishment, allowing you to try out different styles without committing to one particular theme.

Furthermore, personalised wall stickers allow you to let your imagination run wild and create something completely unique for your office walls. You can highlight your company’s ethos by using wall stickers to lay out your mission statement, or even just a few key words which symbolise your outlook. Motivational phrases or literary quotes are another popular option for many modern offices.

However you choose to use your wall stickers, we will help you find the most affordable and attractive option for your office space.

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