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Einstein Wall Graphic and LED neon Sign

Last year we had the honour of being shortlisted for the Inspired Spaces North Award, a competition hosted by Prolific North to find the most attractive, and productive workplaces in the north of England region.

A great plaudit indeed considering that 2 years ago our own workspace was an industrial unit that had lain unoccupied for over five years on a business park on the outskirts of Ashton in Manchester.

We’re also very proud to be featured alongside some outstanding spaces and have created a quick rundown of our favourite shortlisted entrants below. 

ADT have done a sterling job  really gives this environment a unique feel that people will love to visit and I am sure the staff will love working in this amazing space. 

Key travel

We love how Key travel has brought their space to life by bringing in all the corners of the globe into one space. From ski lifts to tuk tuks, the space really gives you the sense of adventure and as well as being visually stimulating also represents the core ethos of what the company stands for.

The use of living foliage brings the feeling of the great outdoors in to the space and is a great way to improve the wellbeing of the environment. Creative use of the latest flooring instalaltions really injects some colour and carefully helps theme and break up the zones within the space too. 

ADT have done a sterling job  really gives this environment a unique feel that people will love to visit and I am sure the staff will love working in this amazing space. 

Make Events

The house of make space is a great showcase of interior branding done well. This reflects the company’s playful side whilst keeping the space feeling bright and open. Including a gym, custom coffee bar and a vanity mirror for that real star treatment. We love fun and vibrant this space is, the auditorium is a brilliant addition and I am sure this a great place for internal meetings and presentations to clients.

Well done House of Make, on creating a truly unique space that is perfectly tailored to your brand.  


Not only do Duke studios offer something amazingly unique in their own take on a collaborative co working space, they have managed to create a brilliant working environment that caters to a range of different working styles too. One of the most exciting things we found about Duke studios was their Duke Makes offeing. We think it is a great concept to offer tenants an in house service where they can use the laser etching, vinyl plotting and custom  build services to create products they can produce and sell.

We are very inspired by this space and always love to see companies pushing the boundaries of how we interact with the work environment.


So if you find yourself visiting us here at The Binary Box (and we hope you do) you’re sure to be impressed, and please keep a lookout for the imagery that embodies what we as a company believe in; To EXCEED our customers expectations in what we can deliver for them, to constantly EVOLVE as a company in everything that we do here, and to ENJOY what we do and where we work.

If you would like a tour around our space please get in touch on 0161 711 0779 or email and we would be happy to host you and have a catch up over a brew.

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