Lacking in Space? Tips for Making Small Rooms Look Bigger

Written by
dawncreativedev on April 6, 2017

Whether you’ve got a humble abode, or you simply have a small room in your home that you want to make the most of, we all want to maximize our tiny spaces. Having a small room doesn’t mean that it has to looked crammed. You still fit all of your necessities in there if you stick to a few staple rules. Following these easy solutions can help make the most of your space, keeping it functional and looking amazing.  

Get rid of any clutter

Whilst this isn’t so much of a decorating tip, leaving clutter around can make a small room look cramped. If you have anything around that you don’t use, either give it to charity, throw it away. Or put it into storage ready for when you are actually going to use it again.  

Keep the colours neutral

Having dark walls can really close in a space. To open it up as much as possible, keep the colours light. Open up the window space to allow lots of natural light in. It will make a world of difference to how big the room feels.  

Create a feature wall

  A feature wall doesn’t only look fabulous, but when done right, it can make a room seem much longer, or wider that it actually is. A good way to do this could be by covering it with self adhesive wallpaper, making it a focal point within the room. Removable wallpaper is a great solution if you live in rented accommodation as it can be taken down easily without damaging the walls underneath. If you don’t fancy having a fully detailed wall, you can add something more simple by opting for wall stickers featuring a quote, bird, butterflies, or anything tailored to your taste.    

Invest in mirrors

Try hanging a large mirror on one, or all of your walls. If you have a small space, mirrors will be your best friend, as the reflections can make a room look twice the size.  

Leave some space in between your furniture and walls

Pushing your furniture up against the wall can give the feeling of everything being cramped in together. Leaving some space in between bigger pieces of furniture, such as the sofa, can make your space look more open. This doesn’t have to be wasted space, you could make the most of it by adding in some slim line furniture – giving you even more storage.