You have your idea for a custom neon sign, but need some help to bring it to life. Whether it’s a scribble on the back of an envelope, a collection of thoughts written down, or just a general idea; Our team of in-house designers and illustrators are on hand to make your idea a reality! Below you’ll find some info about what we can do and the process from start to finish, as well as a contact form to get the process of building your custom LED neon sign started.


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(1200mm maximum on longest dimension)

What are LED neon signs?

Powered by energy efficient LED bulbs, modern neon signs are fully customisable, durable, and sustainable. The light is generated from individual LED bulbs that have been mounted in a series. These are highly customisable and available in a range of options and sizes, and allow full control over their key variable – such as brightness and shape. Lightweight, luminous, and easy to fix – these can be deployed in a variety of situations to market your brand, fulfil specific project goals, or more. Finding the right team can allow you to deploy signage with minimal effort and bring value throughout your business.

What are some common uses?

Modern LED neon lights are also fully customisable and can be linked to the latest software and technologies. This allows for a range of colour combinations and full control over their use. Easy to install and quick to repair, LED neon signs are exceptionally hard-wearing and can be used for promotion, as a portable sign for events, and much more. While LED signage is primarily used for promotion or showcasing your business name, more businesses are choosing to use them as part of their internal office branding. Having a sign at reception, in conference rooms, or in key workspaces can help consolidate your professional identity and provide a key talking point for visiting guests. Combining low power consumption and variable brightness, there are a range of options to meet any needs you may have.

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