Little Hacks that will make a Big Difference to Your Rental Apartment

Written by
dawncreativedev on April 6, 2017

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Little Hacks That Make a Big Difference

Not everyone can afford to move into their dream home, often having to settle for a rented apartment or house share with friends for the majority of their twenties. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t turn those dull walls and dingy bedrooms into the apartment of your dreams. Using these hacks can serious upgrade your living space:  

Add a lick of paint

Just because the apartment is rented, doesn’t mean you have to wait around for your landlord to freshen it up. If the once white walls aren’t quite looking white any more, give them a fresh coat of paint, rather than waiting around for them to gradually more and more grey.  

Hang a few mirrors

It sounds like a simple idea, but adding mirrors to your home can make it look much more spacious, especially in cramped hallways or bathrooms.  

How about the door handles?

Changing all of the doors in your apartment could be an expensive task, so if they don’t fit into your décor, try upgrading the door handles instead. They can completely change the look of a door and they are easy enough for you to install yourself. bedroom

Storage doesn’t have to be boring

When most people think of storage, they picture plastic boxes that are meant to be hidden away. But there are plenty of funky pieces out there that can be a valuable feature in your room. Little touches like wicker baskets, or a vintage trunk aren’t only useful, but they look great as well.  

Cover up those blinds!

Most apartments these days come fully equipped with hideous blinds, so don’t be afraid to cover them up with some nice curtains to bring them up to date.  

Hang up some shelves

One of the easiest ways to fight the problem of short storage is to install shelving. They can be used to keep books, dvds, or even just to display some of your favourite ornaments or standing picture frames.  

Start using temporary wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is extremely easy to apply and can be taken down without damaging your walls, making it perfect for rented accommodation. It can be fantastic for creating an accent wall in your living, bedroom, or even in the bathroom! bunting_2

Make rugs your best friend

Whether you are trying to add some warmth to your cold laminate flooring, or trying to cover up a worn out carpet, you need to invest your hard earned money into a rug. Not only can they bring a touch of colour to your room, but you can experiment with different textures, sizes and patterns to really make it feel like home.  

Hand up some art

It could be an expensive piece that you just had to buy, or a something that your niece or nephew made for you in school, but hanging pictures on the wall will help to break up those boring white walls. If your lease states that you can’t put holes in the wall, you can get the same effect by using wall stickers, or wall decals, which can easily be removed once you’re ready to move out.