The time has come for a new environment. Whether you’re expanding the team, relocating, or have simply run out of space, you’re looking to move office. So what comes first on the itinerary?

Some may jump at the chance to say, “Furniture, of course!” But that’s not the best place to start. Instead, we urge you to think about internal branding – the visual touches that’ll make your space distinctive and create a backdrop that ties everything together.

We’ve written a beginner’s guide to what this entails. If you fancy a short, sweet introduction to the subject, however, then keep reading…


Think about it: furniture can be laid out any way you prefer. You can wheel desks, chairs and cabinets from here to there, refreshing your space when it suits you. Shelves can be taken apart and rebuilt. Larger features, like a sofa or conference table, are easy to shuffle around with a few pairs of hands.

Now compare that to physical branding. Often, it’s much tougher to remove them from the initial spot it’s been applied to. Wall prints, floor designs and window effects (to name just a couple of the ideas we explore in the guide) stay where they are, unless you choose to have them refitted.

Furniture can also reduce the impact of the design you’ve settled on, by covering up parts of your internal branding. If you don’t map out one before the other, you’re destined for trouble! You don’t want to waste your investment.

So, with all of this in mind, it’s worth casting a look at The Binary Box’s guide to internal office branding. 15 minutes’ reading time could lead to a lifetime of inspiration and creativity within your organisation. Throughout, we explain the different areas of an office you may want to consider for branding, how your graphics might turn out, and the ways in which your brand values can be expressed.

View your free copy of our comprehensive office branding guide below to get more pointers before those files, PCs and employees take the leap…

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