Preparing for Your New Arrival

Written by
dawncreativedev on April 6, 2017


Preparing For Your New Arrival

There’s little in life as exciting and nerve wracking as the prospect of a new baby. However long pregnancy might seem to both the expectant mother and everyone around her, the amount of planning that you need to do to get ready for your bundle of joy can seem never-ending. From birth plans to travel systems, antenatal care to feeding equipment, you’ve got a lot to pack into nine months and with many mums-to-be suffering from the dreaded fatigue, you’ve got even fewer hours in the day to fit it all in! Take the nursery for example; planning the perfect nursery for your newborn is a lengthy and tiring task, even if you’ve got the room all ready to paint and finish.    

What will you need?

It almost goes without saying that you’ll need somewhere for your baby to sleep. Even if you’re planning to co-sleep, a moses basket or cradle for daytime sleeps can be invaluable, as you can’t always share in those naps but will still want to know that your baby is safe and secure. Storage is another essential option. It’s very easy to look at your baby and think that because they’re so small they won’t need a lot. Sadly, this thinking has proven to be the downfall of many expectant parents and it’s essential to never underestimate just how many clothes your baby will (a) need, and (b) be given by well-wishers! From wardrobes to drawers, you can simply never have too much storage with a baby or toddler. Once you’ve found your storage option, you’ll then need things to put into it. The majority of pregnancy help websites and magazines can help you with lists of things that you just won’t be able to live without; from vests and bibs to blankets and towels, and if you’re wondering about the quantities you’ll need, it’s worth remembering that more is definitely better!   You might not think that your baby will be able to do a great deal when they’re first born, but age appropriate toys can not only offer comfort but can also help with their development. From brightly coloured cot toys which aid cerebral and sensation growth to moving toys which help to build their attention span, toys are an essential part of your baby’s growth.  

Finishing touches

Once you’ve planned what to put into your new nursery, you’ll want to decide how you want the nursery to look. Although some people find out whether they’re expecting a boy or a girl, others keep the surprise until the day of the birth and if that’s you, you’ll need to keep the room gender neutral. Whether you’re painting the room pink, blue or cream, the finishing touches you add to it can really make a huge difference. For this reason, many expectant parents choose to use wall stickers for bedrooms as a final flourish. Wall decals are simple to use, versatile and can finish a room in style. From your baby’s initials to a height chart where you can keep a record of their growth, using wall art to finalise the room is a perfect solution for your new arrival’s first bedroom. For more information about our wall decals, please contact our team today by calling 0161 711 0779 or email us at