Britain has always been a frontier for fashion, from the sophistication and luxury of its stately homes to the contemporary cutting edge of urban street culture. With the international prestige of the Royal wedding of Will and Kate, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and the hugely successful and lucrative Olympic Games, British culture and iconography are now more popular than ever. We have taken some of Britain’s most iconic figures and created a range of British wall stickers to go anywhere in your home. We have chosen some of the most quintessentially English figures, such as Buses and Post Boxes, so you can add some flair to your walls.
Celebrate this great nation with our collection of British-inspired wall stickers that combine the chic retro style of London with the modern, urban flare of trendy cities like Liverpool and Manchester, and the iconic refinement of the great British countryside.

Simple to apply, remove and replace, our Best of British wall sticker collection will bring colour, style and personality to your living spaces.

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