Custom Light Boxes


16-inch Rechargeable Custom-made LED light cube featuring your logos (All Sides)

The perfect marketing kit to showcase your brand Logo at Trade shows, Events, or Exhibitions, or Create a memorable experience for a special occasion.

Send logo/images to for a free mock up


You have the freedom to position them as you please and apply any design of your choice. They serve as excellent tools for branding, allowing you to incorporate your social media handles or contact details. These cubes are ideal for various occasions, such as trade shows, events, exhibitions, or even weddings. The possibilities for creative applications are limitless.

Feature’s –

🪑 Strong and Sturdy: More than just visual allure, the Custom Logo Illuminated Cube moonlights as a functional seat! Its robust design effortlessly supports a person’s weight while keeping its charm intact.

🌦️ Weatherproof Wonder: Unfazed by the elements, our cubes thrive indoors and outdoors, ensuring your brand shines come rain or shine.

🌆 Dimmable Delight: Set the mood with adjustable brightness. Whether radiant or refined, you’re in control.

🌈 Dynamic Colour Dance: Elevate marketing with dynamic elegance through 16 different colour-changing magic.

📐 Perfectly Proportioned: At 40cm x 40cm x 40cm, the possibilities are limitless. Elevate trade shows, events, or create enchanting memories with the Custom Logo Illuminated Cube.