Our removable wall art can help you express your forever changing tastes in art and design. We believe you should be able to easily and quickly remove your wall art as swiftly as you installed it. Whenever you change your mind, or even if you are moving home. All our removable wall art stickers come with a tried and tested removable adhesive. A little heat allows you to simply peel them away from the wall without any damage to your paintwork.


Every piece of removable wall art we sell is designed to stay as fresh as the day you bought it. That is why we always use the latest printing equipment running UV fade resistant inks to ensure that your prints are as vivid and crisp as when you purchase them and for the years to come. Also all our removable wall art stickers are waterproof and wipe clean. If you spill anything on them you can simply wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Quality is key

Our range of removable wall art is designed, prototyped, produced and dispatched all under one roof from our studios in Stockport, UK to ensure the highest standards are met and that your artwork arrives in pristine condition. Innovation is our passion and we are constantly testing new and innovative materials and printing techniques to ensure our range is up to date with the latest interior design trends so that you can show off your own creative flair without ever picking up a paintbrush. If you cannot find what you want then feel free to contact our design team who will be more than happy to assist in creating a custom piece of wall art tailored to your specific needs.


For more information about our Removable Wall Art, please feel free to contact us and one of our friendly team will be able to help.