Office Branding

Office Branding is an ever-growing and diversifying medium, and in a workscape where working from home is becoming more prominent, it's never been more important to make an office space feel comfortable, fun and welcoming to both staff and clientele.


Be Prepared

So, you’re about to move to a shiny new office space, or perhaps you are already in. We know it’s imperative to get all your office furniture planned and look at any partitioning you want to put in place so you can create meeting rooms and breakout spaces. But a key part of the planning before all of this is to really think about the overarching interior branding strategy.

Getting Involved

Our team love to get stuck in with you right at the very first stages, the decisions you make here can dramatically impact the overall look and feel of the entire space and even dictate how people will interact with the building itself. For larger premises wayfinding planning is key in these early stages too.

Expertise & Ethos

We have a huge deal of experience in this area and have helped thousands of our clients to create unique spaces that bring their brand to life. Our ethos is based around the concept that the surfaces in your space are the blank pages on which you can tell your brands story to new potential members of staff, your existing team and ultimately to your clients as well.


With this in mind, it’s really important you get it right. Our process starts with looking at your plans and any photos you have of the space. We then book in an initial introductory call or meeting on site so we can work with you to outline a budget and create a design brief for you. From here we will develop initial concepts which we are happy to run through in our Manchester based showroom so we can talk through materials and finishes in the flesh.

Instruction & Production

Once we have received your feedback, a final set of amends will be actioned and we look to put your work into production and then arrange installation dates, where out team will bring the vision to life in your space. Using a range of the latest printing and cutting machinery we custom build every aspect of your project in our studios. We constantly strive to deliver the most unique solutions to bring your office to life by combining the latest technology with forward thinking production techniques.


All interior branding installations are undertaken by our fully qualified fitting teams. Each installer is knowledgeable and skilled, with extensive experience of working in busy office environments. All work will be carried out to the highest standard at a time that suits you to make sure there is the least possible disruption to your working day.

Peace of Mind

With our 6 point guarantee you have the peace of mind that we will ensure that all your graphics look as fresh as day one in years to come and that your space is somewhere truly unique that’s relevant to your brand and company values.

Products & Services

Below are a few of the products & services we have completed for Office-based clients in the past, and we're always excited when something new comes across our door, so don't be afraid to get in touch if what you have in mind isn't listed - we're problem solvers that have cracked all kinds of requests previously! • Neon Signs
• Biophilic Walls
• Feature Walls
• Whiteboard & Magnetic Walls
• Window Manifestations
• Breakout Rooms
• Department Signage
• Team Incentive Areas
• Freestanding Graphics


With many years’ professional experience and a varied portfolio of clients, we can work with you to provide a design solution for your space that meets your unique needs and helps tackle problems you may not even have known existed. Take a look through our case studies for examples of our previous work, time-lapse videos and testimonials.