Signage & Wayfinding

Sleek, bespoke, decorative signage can help turn your branding into a creative design element that complements and enhances both your space and your business. The design options for these signs are endless, from materials like laser-cut recycled acrylics and opals, plasma cut metals, woods, glass & composites to the different features available. Illuminated, floating, hanging, interior/exterior, any and all combinations welcome! If you can imagine it, we can design and produce it.

There is a lot more than meets the eye to signage & wayfinding. It is one of the very first impressions that you may make upon potential clients, or even the guiding light that actually gets your business found. Therefore, it is something that isn’t to be taken lightly, as this will set the tone for the whole experience of how people interact with your space.
Whether it’s waymarking where the toilets are, or an overarching strategy with detailed plans, maps and floor level layouts, the ultimate goal here is to make the users experience pleasant. Have you ever been to a building and not know which buzzer you should press, where the front entrance is or if you are even in the right place? This creates a stressful situation that can easily be overcome with clever planning.

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Our team have years of experience in planning and designing wayfinding routes to not only make navigating around places nice and easy, but also make them eye catching and complimentary to the look and feel of the surroundings too.
We do this by first looking at the floor plans and devising a waymarking route that outlines all the key areas where someone needs to make a decision. This then allows you to plan out a flow of traffic and look at how many people will be passing through this space to ensure it is fit for the amount of footfall.

Then we would look to conduct a site survey where we walk this route and look at the exact positioning. From here we can then outline a full visual proposal with all the key areas where any signage needs to be placed for maximum impact. Here we can ensure that not only do you get found, but that you can also easily find your way around once you are there.
Finally, our expert team will put this into production and arrange the installation of all your sign requirements. As an approved safe contractor supplier, we ensure all works are carried out safely and in accordance with health & safety regulations. We will always arrive in full uniform and ensure the workplace is left clean and tidy during the install and after we leave.

There is a multitude of different types of signs to choose from, a couple of our most popular products include;
• Totems
• Building Signage
• Flags
• Tray Signs
• Directional signage
• Wall decals


With many years’ professional experience and a varied portfolio of clients, we can work with you to provide a design solution for your space that meets your unique needs and helps tackle problems you may not even have known existed. Take a look through our case studies for examples of our previous work, time-lapse videos and testimonials.