Surface Graphics

Vinyl wall and surface graphics are a fantastic option for turning a blank, unused wall space into an eye-catching and also functional area. The possibilities here really are endless. From a sleek and discreet company logo installed in the correct location to a breathtaking full colour wall mural, vinyl surface graphics can be used to display any message to employees and potential customers, to promote your brand and/or products, or just to deliver that ‘Wow’ factor! There are countless design, colour and vinyl application options available and the Binary Box’s skilled team have years of experience in delivering the highest quality surface graphic installations.

Custom Wallcoverings

Customised Wallcoverings are one of the most exciting methods of transforming your workplace or premises. A blank wall really is a blank canvas! From a small alcove in your office, to a feature wall, to complete coverage, we can design, produce and install feature wallcoverings to fit any space and size you require. High quality print, combined with a protective laminate overlay will ensure your new wall coverings are not only stunning to look at, but also long lasting and durable.


Display signs

Sleek, bespoke, decorative interior signage can help turn your workplace branding into a creative design element that complements both your space and your business. The design options for interior, decorative signs and reception signs are boundless. From wall mounted individually cut lettering and logos, to high quality prints installed on boards or acrylic plaques, the Binary Box’s experts can help you create the perfect solution for your space.

Wayfinding Systems

The sole purpose of wayfinding signs is to help direct people from point A to point B as clearly as possible. Our directional and wayfinding signage can be manufactured using a variety of materials and can be tailored to match your brand and corporate guidelines. There are numerous ways that the Binary Box’s custom, wayfinding signage can help map out your place of business to clearly communicate directions.

Architectural Surface Wraps

Architectural wraps are the ideal solution if you’re considering refreshing the look of your work environment. Doors, furniture, in fact virtually any surface can be instantly rejuvenated with any one of our hundreds of architectural film finishes. Cost-effective, and with a quick installation time, why not let the Binary Box team help you transform something like this…….


With many years’ professional experience and a varied portfolio of clients, we can work with you to provide a design solution for your space that meets your unique needs and helps tackle problems you may not even have known existed. Take a look through our case studies for examples of our previous work, time-lapse videos and testimonials.