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Custom LED Neon Signs FAQs

When it comes to choosing a custom LED sign for your professional space, there are a number of elements that are essential to consider. Here are some of the most common questions we are asked when it comes to designing and customising your own bespoke sign.

1. What is a Custom LED sign?

Built to order, custom LED neon signs use modern lighting technologies to capture the look and feel of an old-fashioned neon sign without many of the disadvantages presented by glass and neon gas. These can range in size, design, and colour to match your existing branding or establish a new look for your space or business.

2. What are the design limits?

Our in-house team can match almost every style or design and provide best-practice guidance about your look and where and how it can be best deployed. While exceptionally large and complex designs may require specific solutions to resolve, these will be clearly present at the start of the process and allow our teams to address them in full.

3. What colours can a custom neon LED sign be?

LED neon lighting can be delivered in any colour required. This allows us to vary brightness, lighting effects, and other key elements you may require. As we specialise in interior branding, we have the experience to perfectly match your demands and pair with any established colour scheme or aesthetic that you currently enjoy.

4. What is the process to make a custom sign?

All our signs are built with close consultation with our clients and an eye on quality. This includes an initial meeting, review of your specifications, mock-ups, prototyping, and final delivery and installation. While this may vary from project to project, we always work to be efficient as possible while fulfilling the brief. This allows us to support a detail-oriented delivery period or work with clients who need an expedited turnaround.

5. How long does it take to make?

Once you get in touch, we will consult and provide a timeframe for delivery that allows you to plan ahead and make sure the item is ready to go for exactly when you need it.

6. How do I arrange a custom LED neon sign?

If you want to learn more about LED Neon Signs or discuss the specifics of your design, our team are more than happy to help. You can contact us directly by phone, email or contact form.
Telephone Number: 0161 711 0779
Email: [email protected]