Tips for Building a Gallery Wall

Written by
dawncreativedev on April 6, 2017

There’s nothing worse than staring at the same plain walls, day in, day out. If you’re bored of your decor but don’t want to make any permanent changes, such as painting or wallpapering, you might like the idea of building a gallery wall. Gallery walls are perfect for filling any wall space, no matter how awkward. Follow our tips for creating the perfect gallery wall for any space.

Matching Vs Mismatched Frames

Matching frames of different sizes can make a bold statement, while mismatched frames can offer an eclectic vibe. If you’re starting from scratch, choosing the same frames can be an easier to build you gallery wall faster. If you like to build it more organically, you can look for unique second hand frames to create a bohemian look. Mix your materials, but try to stick to a palette of two or three colours.

Plan the placement

If you know exactly which pieces you’ll be framing and hanging, you can create a mockup of these frames using a roll of brown paper. This will help you to choose the placement and avoid hammering more holes in the wall than required. There are many blogs and articles with inspirational ideas for gallery wall placement.

Think outside the frame

If you live in a rented apartment, or if you’re just looking for a unique alternative to traditional frames, consider using wall decals to create a gallery wall. Using frame wall decals will allow you to showcase your photos and art prints without damaging your wall. You can also use wall decals alongside frames to create a contemporary look.

Vary size and shape for impact

Mix up the size and shape of the frames to create visual impact. Look for landscape and portrait frames alongside square frames to create balance. Unusual shaped frames are a good focal point, or build your gallery wall around one large art to create a dramatic look.

Add usual elements

The focal point of your gallery wall doesn’t have to be a photo or art print. Try hanging an ornate mirror, a single decorative tiles, monogram wood blocks or vintage clocks between your pictures and prints. Vintage signs and chalkboards are also a fun addition to gallery walls.

Hang your children’s art

Including a few finger paintings and prized drawings created by your children is a fun way to add a touch of whimsy to a gallery wall. If you’re already hanging a few pieces of modern art, their finger paintings will probably fit right in! DIY watercolours are a cheap and easy way to introduce colour to a gallery wall without spending a fortune on art.