Top 5 Banksy Wall Stickers

Written by
dawncreativedev on April 6, 2017

Top 5 Banksy Wall Art Stickers

Do you know about world renowned street artist, Banksy? With an unknown identity, his political art combines powerful messages and dark humour all in a distinctive stencilling technique. His globally famous work has been featured on streets, walls and bridges of cities throughout the world and now you can get some of his best work for your own wall! The top 5 Banksy wall stickers adds urban edge to your home.

1. Banksy Pulp Fiction Wall Sticker

Banksy Pulp Fiction This picture was inspired from the 1994 film, Pulp Fiction. The icon film lead to this Banksy creation on a London wall back in 2002. Putting a funny twist on the much loved film, Banksy took the famous John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson scene and replaced their guns with bananas. A fan favourite, this striking sticker is a talking piece in any room.

2. Banksy Flower Thrower Wall Stickers

  An emotive piece, this wall sticker features a man in the midst of a riot. A politically powerful picture, the image shows a stance against war and promotes peace rather than fighting. The anti-violence message is a highly popular piece of art as it is so simple but effective in expressing such a shared worldwide opinion. The black and white image is beautifully contrasted with the use of red flowers and the sticker immediately draws the eye of any guests.

3. Banksy Balloon Floating Wall Stickers

This floating balloon wall sticker is a peacefully, picturesque addition to any wall. The design, which people today associate with Disney’s ‘Up’, promotes an escapist action in search of freedom. The idea is that she is drifting away, which gives off a light, stress free feeling that takes you away from the burdening constraints of everyday life. Beautifully encapsulating the wonders of being a child, this wall decal is an ideal pick me up to look at each day, that expresses your innocence no matter what age you are.

4. Banksy Panda Wall Stickers

banksy panda stencil art This contemporary design is a fun wall sticker that depicts a Panda pointing guns. The design is highly popular with the younger crowds as it is such an urban and trendy image. Banksy’s gun-toting panda, is a style conscious stencil that adds personality to any plain wall. If you’re someone who likes something different then this is the Banksy for you.

5. Banksy Bomb Girl Wall Stickers

Banksy Bomb Hugger Girl A classic Banksy image, ‘The Bomb Girl’, is another hard hitting anti-war piece of art by the world famous artist. A bold political statement, it makes a person reflect on the terrors of war and the damaging effect it has on children. The controversial image shows the loss of innocence on kids and what their roles became in the war. You can make a political statement in your home and display, this modern, stylish wall sticker.