Our Top Three Wall Sticker Quotes to get you Inspired

Written by
dawncreativedev on April 6, 2017

When it comes to wall stickers, one of the most versatile designs you can choose are those that incorporate quotes. They are a trendy and simple way to add a bold statement to your walls, that work fabulously in almost any room in the house, including the bedroom, living room, dining room or even bathroom. If you are considering adding a touch of originality to your walls, but aren’t sure where to start, we have chosen some of our favourite pieces to give your décor a nudge in the right direction.  



“Memory Lane Wall” Sticker

Perhaps one of our favourites, this wall sticker is a superb way to gather some of your most treasured memories, from places to dates or even names, and have them displayed all in one place. This wall sticker can be completely personalised to you, so you can get as creative as you wish. This wall sticker is super versatile and would like just as great in the kitchen and it would your bedroom.

“You are my Sunshine” Wall Sticker

If you want to bring a little ray of sunshine into your home, you need this adorable wall sticker featuring the ever so popular nursery rhyme phrase. This wall sticker would work great in children’s bedroom, or nursery, however its sleek design also makes it suitable for the grown ups too.

“Home Sweet Home” Wall Sticker

It’s easy to see why this is one of our favourite wall stickers for the home, as it gives a sweet welcoming feature for your walls. It would be beautifully placed near the front door or in your hall way, to welcome you as you arrive home from work, or on a feature wall in your living room. This Home Sweet Home wall sticker would also make a fabulous gift for new home owners, or newly wed couples.   All of our wall stickers quotes are created from high grade low-tac self adhesive vinyl, making them easy to apply and remove, without causing any damage to the surface of your walls. If you are worried about applying your wall stickers, you can watch one of our quick video guides, showing you how to apply them.