As mentioned, the building in question – National House – is a Grade 2 listed property but has recently been completely refurbished and modernised to a very high standard giving the office spaces within a new modern feel, but still maintaining many of the buildings original features, such as very high ceilings along with large sash windows.

The main office space is split into three sections with floor to ceiling glass partitioning, a large training and kitchen area is located in one of the rooms adjacent to this, with a reception area, a staff break area and two smaller offices situated at the opposite end.

food wall art in boardroom

TUCOs visual branding is split into four colour schemes, each colour representing an area of their company ethos. ‘To share’,’to learn’,‘to buy’ and ‘to grow’ having the colours red, orange, green and purple respectively, and so the decision was made to give four of the offices within their own colour scheme. The two smaller offices were designated the ‘red’ and the ‘green’ rooms and so a feature wallpaper was installed onto a single wall space in each.

The Managing Directors office which is separated from the main office space by glass partitioning was given the purple – ‘to grow’ – colour scheme, incorporating a large feature wallpaper on two of the walls, and translucent catering-themed window graphics on the dividing glass panelling. Similarly, in the boardroom, which is at the opposite end of the main office space, we included more window graphics to match the ones in the directors room and some stunningly colourful wall graphics.

Back in the main office area we included some motivational quotation graphics on to some of the wall spaces, and on the storage cabinets, which run the length of the room, we applied a striking graphic wrap, turning the plain white cabinet faces into beautifully branded office furniture.

The ‘Orange’ room, the companies training area, is a very large classroom space including a full kitchen. Again a feature wallpaper was installed to one end of the room, with a photo-collage print installed on the adjacent wall. Also included were some inspirational wall graphic quotations, and a branded splashback graphic element, covered using a special heat and stain resistant laminate.

Finally, in the staff breakout area, we decided to ‘bring the outside inside’ installing a visually calming meadow and woodland wraparound wallpaper to three walls, creating a relaxing space for TUCO’s staff to take their breaks.