Why Wall Art Matters the Most When It Comes to Interior Design

Written by
dawncreativedev on April 6, 2017

banksy girl with balloons wall stickerWhen it comes to decorating and designing a room, we far too often concentrate on furniture and floorings as apposed to our walls. It’s common that people see wall art as a finishing touch or afterthought and wait until everything is done before they even think about what to add.

This is a bad step to take but all is not to fear however, as we’re on hand to show you just why you’re making an error and overlooking this amazing design opportunity. When you work wall art into the room, the perfect piece can make the whole room. You could have stunning furniture and ornaments but none of that matters as the first piece that will always catch the eye of guests is the wall art. Utilise the space you have available and use this guide to help you choose the ideal piece that will make your room remarkable!

The Showpiece Statement

When it comes to interior design, the ultimate rule is that every room needs a focal point. With intriguing designs, that one showcase piece has the ability to draw instant gazes and give concepts or themes away to the viewers.

Picture your favourite artwork placed behind your couch or a cool wall sticker that lights up your living room wall. Whatever you’re looking for, you can look to integrate innovative and kooky designs that create conversations and amuse your guests or alternatively, you can opt for a more traditional piece that will solely stand to compliment the rooms aesthetic.

When choosing your selected bit of wall art its all about the size. Pieces that are too small will look out of place and get drowned out by its surroundings. If it’s too large, it will overpower the room and create an unsettling feeling. Ensure you take the proportions of the room into account so you know what you have to work with and measure out what area of space you want to fill.

Add A Splash of Colour

Picking the right colour palette can be a tricky task when it comes to finalising your interior. Deciding on the right paint/wallpaper from the millions of shades on offer can be tough, especially when you’re trying to find what works with the image in your head.

Why not consider changing your tactics? If you can’t narrow down your colour, why not look at finding your wall art first and then use the piece that you’ve picked to inspire the rest of colour palette. You can take elements from the designs colours and use them to decorative the rest of the room or even to match it to accessories.


Added Depth

Adding wall stickers, prints or paintings to a room gives it a sense of texture in the space. It takes a mundane wall and rejuvenates it, giving the room a more complex, well put together feeling. With different sizes and shapes, it adds a much needed visual weight to your interior, which will help determine the tone of the room and its ambiance. Smooth and sleek pieces will give a more modernised feel to the place.

It Completes the Room

Today in interior design, people are too quick to suggest white or neutral walls as the theory is these lighter walls give off a bright and breezy feeling. Whilst it certainly looks bright, the majority of the time it gives off an unfinished, unhomely feeling that nobody wants to live.

Adding wall art completes the room, pulling the space together to make it feel finished. A simple but defining move, it can transform the space from looking boring to brilliant with just one addition.

Parting Note

When it comes to decorating your room, wall art should never be the final thought. Take the opportunity to show your personality and style through an amazing art installation!

We hope that this article has opened your eyes as to how pivotal a picture really can be and also that we’ve showed you the importance of implementing it correctly to allow you to build that beautiful room you’ve longed for!