Wall stickers: the perfect wedding present

Written by
dawncreativedev on April 6, 2017

What is the perfect wedding present?

An invitation to a wedding is a wonderful thing: watching people you love making their vows and then spending the rest of a magical day with them and making memories which will last for the rest of your lives. However, a wedding invitation also comes with a variety of obligations; new outfits, time off work if necessary and of course the dreaded gift. Once upon a time, you brought a toaster or a kettle and that was the end of it. Now, savvy couples are putting together lists to take the surprise out of things. It makes things easier for the guests attending too but caps your creativity. If you’re a person who enjoys buying the perfect gifts for perfect couples, then the urge to ignore the list is overwhelming! If you’ve decided to do away with the list and go with your own imagination, then you may consider wall art stickers to be the perfect wedding present – for three reasons;  
  1. A little different

One of the main reasons for the gift list is that so many couples already have their own homes prior to tying the knot, and that means they’ve already brought the kettle, the toaster and a set of glassware. Making a list of the things they need/want is therefore a way of ensuring that they don’t spend the day after the wedding opening boxes of toasters. However, it may appear to you that giant wall stickers are such a unique idea that not only will no one else be buying them, but the couple will be thrilled by the fact that you thought of something so unconventional!  
  1. The price is right

We base our gift buying decisions on cost factor. As much as we’d like to give the happy couple a gift worth millions, not everyone is in that position. The cost of a wall art sticker makes them a perfect choice. From small stickers that can transform the appearance of a room for a few pounds to giant wall stickers where the cost reflects the size but still offers value for money, there is truly a wall sticker for every pocket.  
  1. The personal touch

One of the main reasons for people dismissing the gift list is that it removes the personality from their gift. When buying a gift, people want the recipient to see the thought and consideration that went into the selection, as well as how much the choice means to the purchaser – and that’s hard to do with a set of plates that the purchaser didn’t choose.   Custom wall stickers therefore offer the better of two worlds. Completely personalised to the happy couple. From a sticker designed with their names or the date of the wedding to a tree design which could incorporate their wedding colours, the gift that is chosen especially for them will be especially loved by them. If you would like to know more about our custom wall stickers, then please contact us today.