What are the different types of commercial design?

Written by
dawncreativedev on February 25, 2021

When it comes to design, it’s easy to feel spoiled for choice.

Whether you’re revamping your brand, customising your space, or redesigning an interior it can be difficult to grapple with your available range.

So, what options are available to you when it comes to commercial interior design and what potential benefits can you draw by making the right choice for your brand and business?

What are the different types of interior design available to you?

Selecting the right interior branding option can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Thankfully, they are broadly resolved by asking one question: “Are you looking for a commercial or a residential solution?”

Residential options involve designing spaces to be lived in and to reflect your aspirations. This means taking an approach that embeds your lifestyle and the way you want to live.

Commercial interior design allows you to build and reinforce your brand identity and achieve key business goals. This can help improve sales, visibility, or allow your physical space to take advantage of the trust or level of quality represented by your business.

No matter your choice, taking the time to consider your design, layout, and overall brand identity can bring a range of benefits to your business. And choosing the right provider can help you deploy these changes with confidence.

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What does commercial interior design include?

As a discipline, commercial interior design can be used in a variety of spaces.

This includes, but is not limited to-


One of the most difficult spaces to design, restaurants need to combine functionality as well as aesthetics. This demands that you think of elements like throughflow, art, and spacing while still allowing to you present your unique brand and allow staff to operate without interruption.


Designing ‘spaces to pass through’ is one of the biggest challenges for the new decade. This involves the curation of your foyer space and internal room design, combining quality, comfort, your established branding, and overall budget. A reliable team will allow you to come up with a cost-effective solution that meets your aesthetic aspirations, constructs a new look, or allows you to meet specific challenges head on.

This could involve changing the layout of your space, integrating your hotel branding into materials, or responding to client or customer issues.


Customising an office space can be challenging. Each business is separate from one-another and finding a one-size-fits all solution can be close to impossible. Focusing on commercial interior design will allow your office to enjoy a unified style that represents your brand, help motivate employees by improving your workspace, and enjoy materials that can be used in Zoom calls or pitches like stands or vinyl stickers.

Popular options include personalising meeting rooms, setting up break-out spaces, or beefing up your lunchroom area to build staff satisfaction.

Spas and Wellness

Entering into a space and instantly relaxing is not only a desirable goal, but a massive marketing achievement. Designing a fit that matches your established brand can help customers relax and make your business instagrammable – allowing you to reshare content and make your aesthetic a pillar of your USP.


Creating an environment that consumers want to be in is quite a feat. From shop interior design, pop-ups and concessions to window displays and visual merchandising, commercial interior design will all you to create adaptable, striking and future-proofed spaces.


Using creative and intelligent interior design it is possible to revolutionise the learning environment. From furniture and lighting to acoustics and technology, you can improve the functionality and vibe of the classroom to make it a space that both students and teachers love to be in.


A modern library needs to be a flexible, multi-functional space that stimulates, provides a practical environment and enables learning and collaborative work. Well thought-through library design can achieve all this is in equal measure, creating a space that works for everybody.

Further advantages of commercial interior design include the ability to maximise your available space, create a sustainable but high-end look, or uniquely target yourself to your established (or desired) audience.

And much more.

No matter the location, finding a provider who understands your value proposition can allow you to optimise returns and deal with project-specific challenges without compromising on quality.

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What benefits could you enjoy?

Finding the right solution to you interior design needs can bring a number of significant benefits. These allow you to maximise your gains for the project and make sure you are prepared for any challenges or changes you face in the years ahead.

Advantages include:

Increased Familiarity

One of the biggest advantages in pursuing dedicated commercial design is the development of trust and positive association with your brand, product and service. Creating the right space allows you to articulate your unique brand value while fulfilling specific business goals. This can help encourage repeat engagement, build brand identification, and allow clients to enjoy a first-class experience with your business.

Marketing Goals

No matter your business purpose, it is essential that you create solid goals for your marketing and outreach. This will allow you to address areas of opportunity for your business, build a physical presence that is cost-conscious and targeted, and allow you to take advantages that your business is uniquely placed to enjoy – delivering a valuable competitive edge.

Time and Expertise

While any professional can choose to master a new skill, it’s worth asking if you have the time and available resource to develop your competence. Working with commercial interior designers allows you to access expertise, professional ability, and the resources and connections to make your design a reality. This helps save on mental load, time, and effort – freeing you to give your professional work the care it needs…or save that energy for unwinding at home, knowing your project is in safe hands.

What next?

If you want to learn more about interior commercial design, our team at The Binary Box is here to help. With many years’ professional experience, we work with you to find a solution that fits your unique professional needs.

You can take a look at our range of services from here, or review our regularly updated list of case studies.

If you have specific needs or problems that you’re struggling to clear, you can contact us directly and let a member of our in-house team help with your design issues.