What should you consider when choosing a space for your LED neon sign?

Written by
dawncreativedev on September 9, 2020

What to consider when choosing a space for your LED neon sign?

What is a neon sign?

Used in advertising and publicity for generations, neon signs are used to brightly showcase and publicise your work, business, or for a wealth of personal and professional reasons. Originally sealed within a glass tube, a current was passed through electrodes inserted at the ends of the container to produce a bright glow that made the signs iconic.

Modern designs are a lot more environmentally conscious and a LED neon sign is almost always a cheaper and more viable alternative. These are now deployed by a range of businesses and while not as iconic as the authentic originals, they still carry a wealth of benefits that maximise their efficiency and avoid many of the pitfalls found in the original items.

Why are they used?

Simply put, neon draws the eye and sticks in the memory – making it perfect for professional advertising, letting you quickly and efficiently stand out in a crowded street or stamp your brand into future client’s minds.

While the original physical neon signs may have been difficult to shape and maintain, modern LED signage allows for a huge degree of customisation, with almost every design able to be created. This allows you the freedom to create and add signage to your space and be highly creative in the process.

What are the benefits of using one?