Who is Banksy?

Written by
dawncreativedev on September 6, 2017

banksy man throwing flowers stencil art

 Who Is Banksy?


Banksy, many would agree is the most diverse, controversial street artist of his time. Some would say he is, justifiably, the best artist in the world. Although so many praise his passion and impact, his identity remains unknown, why? Well no one exactly knows. His unknown persona gives a mysterious feel to his work. His art is produced all over the world; he has worked many different types of street art media and types containing many controversial yet viral, political images.

One of Banksy’s role models in the world of art is Blek Le Rat. Many have noticed Banksy tends to recycle some of Blek’s old ideas.

Early Beginnings

Known as DryBreadZ crew or DBZ. He started his career in 1990 as part of a graffiti gang in Bristol, England. Shortly after this he began to partner with the respected and well known graffiti street artist, Inkie.

Arrested for vandalising public spaces at the age of 18, his crew fled and left him to handle the situation on his own. It was after this that Banksy began to produce his work under the influence of stencils. After many attempts of his new approach, he decided this would be his new graffiti type.

Banksy uses multi-layered stencils combined with in depth media sources such as spray paint. He also collects pieces from the streets such as signs, objects and other materials to bring his work to life and project his message. His work is often humorous and spreads an element of politics and philosophy.

Becoming An Icon

Banksy relocated to London by the 2000’s. He began to internationally gain recognition through exhibits and displays. Shortly after this, Banksy made one of his biggest and iconic achievements to date which many know him for. He travelled to Palestine and the West Bank to stencil nine images on the Bethlehem Wall. This made his work go viral and instantly hit and over powered social media, exploding on the Internet. His stencil paintings were accumulating record breaking sales in the art industry and everyone began to know his name. His work began to be a huge

banksy girl with red ballon stencil art

hit in art auctions in Sotheby’s and Bonham’s of London. His most recent achievements was becoming the author and director of the film ‘Exit through the Gift Shop’ in 2010.

After all of his success and praise, very little can be found about Banksy himself. He refuses to take part or be interviewed. Carefully maintaining hid secret identity.

It is astonishing how an artist as renowned as Banksy has managed to make himself one of the greatest artists of all time without the world knowing anything about him, many would agree he lets his art speak for him. Banksy changed the stigma about street art. Thanks to him, the approach now plays a key part in the industry. His work never disappoints, leaving fans speechless.




The term ‘Banksy Effect’ is also a term that the artist started, a way of visually interpreting his work. His tactic is to allow an individual to look at his work and their curiosity to explore an entirely new idea, vision and perspective resulting in artistic creations and inspiring new artists, known as the ‘Banksy Effect’

banksy panda stencil art

His identity always has and will continue to be questioned, many journalists have attempted to investigate his personal life, making tracks back to his early career and childhood in Bristol. Recently, a journalist revealed he could have gone by the name of Robin Gunninham. This may be true however, Banksy continues to keep his identity unrevealed at his best efforts. Interestingly, Banksy has managed to not only conceal his identity from the world but also his family too. The identity of Banksy remains a mystery.

In conclusion, Many will see his artwork. He has covered Australia, Israel, England, Canada and even Jamaica. Most recently, he spent an entire month glamorizing New York City, United States with his street art, grabbing and capturing thousands attention every day. Who knows if his identity will ever come to light, regardless his art work will continue to speak for itself.



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